Teaching Safety & Skill


Dedicated Instructors

Your main instructor is Mr. Jose Suarez. Mr. Suarez is an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor and an Instructor of Active Shooter Solo Engagement Tactics. He is the Director of Security at HOPE Ranch Learning Academy and an Armed School Guardian certified by the Pasco County Sheriff Office. Mr. Suarez is licensed by the State of Florida as a Statewide Armed Security Officer and consults with schools and organizations on how to improve their employee and facility safety.

Through his leadership in the N.R.A., Mr. Suarez was admitted to the NRA Golden Eagles and has been nominated to receive the National Patriot's Medal.

High-Quality Equipment

My Gun Academy uses reliable, high quality equipment and training aides to progress a student from learning gun basics, being comfortable using them properly, how to select the proper gun for your needs, and how to properly use and maintain your gun.

Our Motto

"Training and proficiency saves lives"


Courses are taught at our Training Center in Hudson, FL. Live Fire portions is at a range in Hernando County or near you if we are running a hosted program at your place. By hosting a conceal carry class at your place (for no extra charge), we can can bring the training to your church, business, or home group and do the live fire portion of the course at a range near you.

Concealed Carry Training Course

2.5hr course $55/person

Improve Your Marksmanship

8hr course $100*/person Private and Public classes available

Once you have achieved the basics of buying a gun, using it effectively is even more important. This course focuses on NRA pistol principals to improve your accuracy when using the gun to hit your target consistently and with minimal spread.

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Public, Private, or Company Groups

Call or email for a customized quote

In today's climates, some feel more comfortable learning these techniques in a private setting. Organizations (religious, secular, non-profit, & for-profit) will be interested in training their security teams on ways to prevent potential threats, ways to better recognize and deal with the various types of threats, and how to effectively use escalating threat responses.

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Public classes are in Pasco/Hernando area. However, we will also come to your location if you host a class of at least 4 students for the same price.

Contact us for information and to book your appointment:

727-505-1100 - Speak Directly with your Instructor