Conceal Carry

Concealed Carry Training Course

2.5hr course $55/person

This Conceal Carry Weapon's Course exceeds the requirements needed to apply for your Florida Conceal Carry License. The course will teach you the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safely and efficiently conceal carry your gun after licensing.

The class is filled with lots of laughter, and practical hands-on gun exercises for beginners and experienced alike (no ammo during class time) to build your confidence and skills before going to the range. At our private range we focus on live-fire application of what we learned in the class.

The course cost is ALL INCLUSIVE covering: Classroom time, Range fee, Target Fee, Ear protection rental, Eye protection rental, Gun rental for the class and range portion, Ammo for the live portion of the course. $55 is ALL you pay for the course!


  1. Click "Conceal Carry Class" below.

  2. Scroll to find an available (highlighted) dates that fits your schedule.

  3. Click on the date and follow instructions as prompted.