Referral Program

2 ways you can earn CASH!

There are no limits to the number of persons you can refer nor the number of classes you can host. You will receive $5 for each person that registers and pays for a class.


If you have previously taken one of our classes, we will pay you for every student referral that registers and pays for their class as long as YOUR NAME is listed by the student in the "REFERRED BY" section of our online registration form at the time of registration.


Talk with friends, work colleges, church and civic organizations and get a group of people interested in taking the class. We need 6 student minimum to form a HOSTED CLASS with no more than 20 students. We will come to your preferred place or host your group for a private training session at our academy and private range. Your host functions consist of contacting us and registering all students. The all-inclusive fee of just $55 cover the costs of all classroom instruction, includes access to a gun (if the student does not own one), certificate, range fee, eye protection, ear protection, and target. The host organization or individual will receive $5.00 for every registered and paid participant who enters the HOST NAME in the "Referred By" section of our online registration form at the time of registration. Hosted classes are NOT open to personal referral program as listed above.

Give this link to anyone you want to refer to our Saturday public classes for Conceal Carry:

Host a Conceal Carry Course by emailing me at or text me at 727-505-1100

To your safety! Jose Suarez, NRA Instructor